The Brothers of Audubon Springs Trivia Contest Winner Revealed!

Hello! Sorry to have disappeared for so long. I got caught up in the excitement of the Cover Reveal for The Right Chord and my new project, Fountain Creek Homecoming reaped the benefits.  Thank you all for participating in the Cover Reveal last week. I had a great time, and this really helped me gear up for the August 6th release.  Wow! That is in just two days until the book will be made available in all media formats and print. Here is another look at the cover.


Trivia Question Answered and EXCERPT ALERT! 

If you submitted b) East of Eden by John Steinbeck, you answered correctly. Here is a look back at the moment of the big bet between Annie and Tony from Secondhand Romance.

“When I come across a second hand book, I’m curious about who owned it.” She pulled a weathered East of Eden out of the box Tony had tripped over earlier and flipped open the cover. “Oh, look! A gold mine!”


“No, an inscription! To my love, I will wait as long as it takes.” Annie sighed. “Can you imagine anything more romantic?”

“Not at all.” He made a show of placing his hand over his heart.

“You’re such a guy.” She fixed her eyes on him and inspiration struck. “I will bet you can’t read this book.”

“Of course I can read it. The question is whether or not I choose to read it,” he stated, his voice flat, and his body rigid.

“Whoa, all I’m saying is if we bet on it, you’ll read it.” None of the town locals ever backed down on a bet.

“What are we betting?” He took a slight step closer.

“If you don’t put your best effort into reading this book cover to cover, you will have to work here on Saturday. I have three themed birthday parties booked. I could use the help.”

“Kiddie parties?”


“Fine, piece of cake. And after I read the book, you will play on our softball team for the season.”

“What? I’m only asking for one Saturday. You want an entire season?”

He shrugged. “It’s a long book. How are you going to know if I read it?”

“I’ll know. I’ll quiz you.”

“Are we going to shake on this?” He extended his hand and grinned.

Annie hesitated for a split second. Had she ever touched Tony? Shaking his hand with that sexy, superior glint in his eyes unnerved her.

His warm hand engulfed hers, shooting a jolt of electricity through her veins. He had a solid, firm grip, the kind to hold a shaky person steady. Lifting her gaze to his, she smiled when his eyes widened in a flash of surprise.

It had been a long time since she’d really touched another person. When the warmth from his hand made its way dangerously close to parts of her that had lain dormant for years, she abruptly let go.

“There, deal.” Flushed, she returned her focus to the book.

Bonus Question Answer: Annie’s book club discusses the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I can hear the groaning….Yes…that was a trick question too! Don’t worry. All submitted answers counted towards entry in the drawing.

Trivia Winner Announced! 

Congratulations to Mina Gerhart whose’s name was selected among all the entries. I will contact you directly regarding shipping details of your printed copy of The Right Chord.

Thank you all for playing. Have a great day!


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1 Response to The Brothers of Audubon Springs Trivia Contest Winner Revealed!

  1. Mina Gerhart says:

    AWESOME! Thank you so much RoseAnn 8D
    Mina (Mindy) (3″o’s, not zeros)

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