The Right Chord: Cover Reveal Puzzle Piece #2 & Trivia Contest. Enter to Win!

Hello! Here is another piece to the Vince Iuliano and Kit Maggio puzzle.  As you can probably guess by the title, music plays a large role in their relationship.  They wrote songs and made all sorts of beautiful music together when they were teens.

Music played an important role in my life. Prior to becoming a writer, I was a professional singer. It was great fun to bring my love of music onto the page. As a result, I just love this particular piece of the cover for The Right Chord.

RoseAnn Puzzle Piece

Trivia Question Answered and EXCERPT ALERT! 

I’m having such a great time with this trivia contest. Thank you to everyone who submitted a response.  Many of you answered Marcella which is the correct response. Here is a look back at this moment from Return to Audubon Springs.

“What a mess you three are!” She chastised her boys. “Dirty, hung over, no doubt. Did you even bother to shower after work yesterday? And I don’t even want to know what this was doing out front.” She waved Emma’s infamous Prada sandal, a reminder of her arrival, in the air.

“I’ll take that, Mrs. Iuliano.” With great care, Emma took the shoe out of Mrs. Iuliano’s hand and chanced a glance in Rafe’s direction. She stifled a laugh at the guilty, panicked expression on his face.

Ah…good times. Of course, the best part is what happens after this moment, when Emma and Rafe are alone!

Trivia Question #2

What children’s book plays an important role in Emma’s relationship with her daughter, Elana in Return to Audubon Springs?

a) Anderria Falls: The Key of Hope, by E.E. Grant

b) The Kissing Hand, by Audrey Penn

c) Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, by J.K. Rowling

Enter your responses in the form below.  This will keep things confidential and give everyone a chance to enter the contest. 

Check back tomorrow for the third and final trivia question, and for a look at the scene from Return to Audubon Springs to reveal the answer to Trivia Question #2.

Have a great day!



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1 Response to The Right Chord: Cover Reveal Puzzle Piece #2 & Trivia Contest. Enter to Win!

  1. More fun and games! Thank you, RoseAnn!

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