The Challenge – Day One

If you read my previous blog post about clearing out the cobwebs then you know I’m challenging myself to dedicate  24 days to a better, healthier, more energetic , and hopefully more slender, me.  I entered into Day One with more sheer will than will power.  Pretty much I’m dragging myself through this because it is something I know I need to do. I haven’t put my health front and center in a LONG time.

In addition to following the challenge suggestions to the letter, which means a high protein/high fiber diet and NO caffeine, I also exercised for 20 whole minutes before going to work. I know it’s not much, but it IS more than I did yesterday, so I’ll take it! I also took my NEVER TO BE DISCLOSED weight and measurements with high hopes there will be an AFTER measurement…also never to be disclosed!

The personals goals of the challenge are clear per my cobweb post, and since I’m hoping this challenge will help provide clarity and more energy in all areas of my life including my writing, I’m going to consider it a positive sign that I learned of my release date for the final Brothers of Audubon Springs title today!

The Right Chord is set to release in all formats on August 6th! This piece of news along with a successful day one of the challenge has motivated me to contemplate setting deadlines for my next writing projects along with pulling together my marketing approach for The Right Chord.

Exciting times…and it’s only Day One!


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Author - Humorous Contemporary Romance & Young Adult Romance
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7 Responses to The Challenge – Day One

  1. Yeah for both your challenge and for TRC’s release date! I’m rooting for you!!

  2. Jenna Blue says:

    Good for you, RoseAnn! and yes: definitely precipitous that today was the day you found out about Right Chord–so exciting!

  3. Lori says:

    Hi RoseAnn,

    Can’t wait for TRC huge congrats on getting a release date. Wishing you the best on clearing out the cobwebs.


  4. JoAnn Chiavetta says:

    Good luck with both of your challenges. Cobwebs cleared, onto a new you and the release of “The Right Chord”

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