Come Meet My Dinner Guests – Cass and John from TATTOOS AND TANGLES

Today I’m welcoming Author, Melinda A. DiLorenzo who is treating us to a look at her couple Cass and John following their Happily Ever After on their Wedding Day.  She’s also included the Wedding Menu.  It would appear I’m earning a bit of a reputation for FOOD on my site!  Take it away, Melinda!

Dinner with Cass and John


by Melinda A. Di Lorenzo

A note from the author:
A lot of people have asked me where I see John and Cass going after their adventure in Tattoos and Tangles, and I’ve been telling them all the same thing – on the fast track to their happily-ever-after, of course!
Now, I’m not one to write a sequel, but luckily, these two lovebirds appreciate the fact that I introduced them, and they were kind enough to let me drop in as they celebrated their nuptials.  Oh, and don’t forget to check out their dinner menu at the bottom!


It was impossible for me to take my eyes off Cass.  The curve of her hips in the white dress was alluring.  The slope of her neck, exposing the creamy skin of her cleavage, made it impossible for me to concentrate on the food on my plate.    She stood about ten feet from me, angled away, talking to a man I didn’t recognize.  I sized him up without really thinking about it.
Five feet, nine inches. A hundred and fifty pounds. I could drop him in a second.
Probably a distant cousin.  Or a friend from work.  Still, when Cass put her hand on his arm, a surge of jealousy made me clench a fist.  She turned then, as if sensing my heated gaze, and shot me a smile.  She whispered something to the other man, then blew me a kiss.
“If you catch that in the air and put it in your pocket, I’m gonna puke,” Billy growled.
I glanced over at the older man and chuckled.  No one could possibly look less comfortable in a tux then he did.
“And if you make one more comment about the monkey suit, I’m dumping this glass of over-priced champagne on your head,” he added.
“I wasn’t going to say a thing.”
“Like hell you weren’t.”
I sought out Cass again, but she was gone from her spot across the room.
For the fact that this was supposed to be our day, I’d seen less of her than I had of anyone else.  I sat back in my chair, pissed off at myself for insisting on the celebration in the first place.


The dark look on John’s face made his state of mind obvious.  It also made it easier to sneak up on him than it should’ve been.  But I still took a long moment to appreciate his profile.  He’d taken off the jacket and hung it on the back of his chair, and through the thin, white fabric of his dress shirt, I could see one of the spiralling tattoos on his arm.  It was one of my favourites.  A smattering of what looked like stars in the night sky, revealed upon closer inspection to be tiny numbers, commemorating moments in John’s life.  The most recent addition was the day he met me.
I snaked my arms around his neck and whispered in his ear. “If you hadn’t wanted a party so bad, we could be at home, celebrating by ourselves.”
“He just wanted to make us all jealous of how disgustingly happy you are,” Blair piped up from across the table.
“Believe me,” John said. “I’m regretting it now. I bought you that dress, and all I can think about it taking it away.”
Blair snorted. “Taking it away? Or taking it off?”
I laughed, and without warning, John’s hands came up, gripping my hips and flipping me into his lap.  I squealed.  Thirty sets of eyes turned our way.
I blushed. “Look at what you did!”
“Look at what I’m about to do,” John growled.
He ran his fingers along my arms, up my neck, and buried them in my hair.  I didn’t even have time to protest the fact that he was destroying two hours worth of hairstyling as he sunk his teeth into my neck and sent a wave of desire straight down to my toes.
Then he stood up without releasing me.
“Sorry, folks,” he called out. “I need to get my wife to bed. Enjoy the open bar. And the cake.”
A chorus of cheers followed us as he carried me out of the room.


Main Course
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Click this link to hear Cass and John’s wedding song!

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5 Responses to Come Meet My Dinner Guests – Cass and John from TATTOOS AND TANGLES

  1. What a neat post, Melinda. Your couple sounds terrific. Best of luck with the release. And–that menu sounds yummy!!

  2. robena grant says:

    Great post. T&T was an action packed story, and Cass and John deserve a great party and a HEA. Raising my glass of champagne to you Melinda, and here’s to great success.

  3. Melinda says:

    Thanks, Barbara!

  4. Melinda says:

    Thanks, to you, too, Robena!

  5. Nia Simone says:

    I loved this story and can’t wait to read the book! Very clever post.

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