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The Hero’s Journey – Turning Point #4…AKA When I Lost My Mind!

A while back I’d been writing about The Hero’s Journey/Six Stage Plot Structure, equating it to my writing journey. I’d started off with a lofty goal – a post per week. Once I got a few writing contracts and real … Continue reading

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TURNING POINT #3: The Point of No Return

There are times when I’m working on a blog post or even just in life in general that my Musical Theatre background jumps to the forefront and commands my attention.  Hey, remember me?  So, here we are at a very … Continue reading

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Turning Point #2: A Change of Plans

Turning Point #2 of The Six Stage Plot Structure marks a hero’s CHANGE OF PLANS.  It is here that a NEW DESIRE is created with a clearly defined end point. Hollywood loves this one, mainly because the hero starts to pursue a new … Continue reading

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