Happy Thanksgiving Eve!


I have fond memories of the night BEFORE Thanksgiving. Growing up my house was always in a state of activity the day before Thanksgiving.  Mom usually took care of the important Italian Thanksgiving essentials the night before like these yummy artichokes. The secret is to steam them FOR-EVER until they literally melt in your mouth. I was usually helping with cleaning and prepping.  My dad…he was a blur of in and out of the house running errands to prepare for our Thanksgiving celebration. It became a running joke, no sooner did he arrive home from braving the grocery store than he’d have to head back out for something else.  Dad put on a lot of miles during Thanksgiving eve.

I imagine the Iuliano house looks a lot like my own on Thanksgiving Eve with foods in various states of readiness and family gathering, in and out of the house, in preparation of the feast to come.  The best thing about Thanksgiving Eve is bar none, THE PIES.  Mama made an extra apple this year because, horrors of all horrors, I almost didn’t get a piece last year.  I was still in digesting mode when others started on dessert.  Before too long, only one piece of apple pie remained.  Mama wrapped it and stashed it for her girl!


I imagine Mama Iuliano makes a pie for each of her sons, plus several more of nearly every variety for the rest of the masses.  What pies do her boys love best?  Rafe goes for Apple, Tony likes the Pecan, Vince gets his own Pumpkin pie, but it is understood he will take a taste of them all.

What does Thanksgiving Eve look like in your house?

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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8 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

  1. WHAT GREAT MEMORIES! I love pies too…I can imagine if there was only one sliver left I’d be upset too.

  2. A great post for the holiday. I have to say I don’t remember my mom making pies for Thanksgiving. Usually she did the main cooking and people brought the dessert. For dinner this year, we’re having stuffed peppers (which I made last night) and creamed spinach, which I’ll pass on. You must still have a large family gathering. Ours has gotten smaller over the years. The downside (and upside) of this is my mom gives me leftover pies to take home. Have a great day with your family!

    • RoseAnn DeFranco says:

      Do not let the number of pies deceive you. My mom bakes a bit like Mama Iuliano does for her boys! 🙂

      When I was young we used to alternate houses for Thanksgiving, but my mom always baked the pies. You may have gathered from some of my previous posts that she’s the baker!

      Your stuffed peppers sound great! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Nicole Doran says:

    What great memories RoseAnn. Once I married into the “Irish” side of things, the Thanksgiving holiday went to my husband’s family. They have their own traditions, including my mother-in-law’s homemade cranberry sauce. I do recall however, when growing up in my Italian house..that there always had to be some sort of past BEFORE turkey. Boy, we could eat back in those days before worrying about heart issues and diabetes….sigh. Your memories and those pies sound and look delicious! Happy Thanksgiving! Nicole 🙂

  4. Jenna Blue says:

    Gigi Rolls. Always the Gigi Rolls, Thanksgiving and Christmas! And at my Baker grandparents Cranberry Ice (a whipped frozen concoction in martini glasses that wasn’t even for the turkey, was just because). When we need a little TLC (like care packages), we still request Gigi Rolls. ; ) Those pies look amazing, R.A.!

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