The Final Stages of This Writer’s Journey: The Marketing Plan, The Release, and Embracing the Future

Hold on to your bootstraps…we’re about to wrap up a long journey!

STAGE V: The Final Push, or The Writer’s Marketing Plan

Photo Credit: greg.turner / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo Credit: greg.turner / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

I like Stage V of the Six Stage Plot Structure.  It’s messy and REAL.  It is at this point that the hero will have a moment of retreating back into their identity, or false self before making the transition to FULLY embrace their ESSENCE and TRUTH.  Remember Identity vs. Essence, The Transformation from Living in Fear to Living in courage?  This might be my favorite part of the Hero’s Journey, so when the hero fully embraces their new self, and essence, I’m on my feet cheering.   

In many ways I feel like I am in the midst of a Final Push right now in my writing career.  The last month has been a huge education in the Marketing aspect of being a published author.  To say I had a mini melt down over putting a plan in place is a bit of an understatement.  There are so many different avenues to take.  What works for one author might not work for another.  Everyone is forging their own path in this unpredictable industry.  I spent time researching what others have done, specifically focusing on others who achieved publishing success with a small press. I made a decision on a path, only to change my mind a day later after more research.  I agonized over every aspect…what to do about a website, do I use a promotional company for a blog tour? Are blog tours effective? When do I start promoting? How heavy do I go during my Pre-Release period, or do I wait for the actual release date?  It was only after I made all those decisions and committed to my plan that I was able to fully embrace the path and move forward.

Enter: Reflection Character

Helping HandsUsually during the Final Push,  a Reflection Character will appear.  This character serves as a sounding board for our hero or helps them see what was right in front of them all along.  My journey includes a multitude of Reflection Characters.  We writers just starting out are pretty much fully responsible for our own Marketing and Promotion plan. Yes, there are services out there to help for a price, and yes, the Marketing Director with The Wild Rose Press has been Ah-Mazing answering every question I had, and believe me, there were many, but in the end, we authors are running our own show – pretty daunting stuff with that full time job hanging over my head and a busy family life to juggle.  During this time, I turned to my fellow writers for support.  My amazing blog mates, The Violet Femmes, the supportive crews within my writing organizations, New Jersey Romance Writers and Liberty States Fiction Writers, and more recently a group of women, my fellow “Roses” whom share my same publisher. What a blessing they have all been to help guide this uneasy path. I’ve written about this before, but it bears repeating again.  Romance Writers are a unique breed of people. You will never find a more genuine or generous spirited group. The wealth of knowledge shared on a daily basis astounds me. 

Turning Point #5: The Climax, or The Writer’s First Release!

ReturntoAudubonSprings_8071_750Next week I will reach my very first Climax in my writing journey. During the climax of a film or novel, the hero faces their biggest obstacle and achieves the success or failure of their outer goal.  On September 25th, RETURN TO AUDUBON SPRINGS will go live for a three month Pre-Sale Exclusive with Amazon.  I. AM. TERRIFIED.  For the first time a piece of my writing will be out on the market available for consumption. It has been a long journey, but I’m ready to dive in. 

Stage VI: The Aftermath, The Writer Embraces the Future

The aftermath is described as living in a Transformed Existence.  This journey has transformed me in more ways than I can describe as a writer and a woman. I thank you all for being part of this long and winding road.  Whatever the ultimate outcome of this first book (PRE) release, I’ve made all my choices, I’m ready to forge ahead and live in my Writer’s Essence.

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13 Responses to The Final Stages of This Writer’s Journey: The Marketing Plan, The Release, and Embracing the Future

  1. Diana Quincy says:

    Congratulations on RETURN TO AUDUBON SPRINGS and good luck with your Amazon exclusive! That sounds like a savvy marketing move that will draw many readers and reviews.

  2. Emma Kaye says:

    I’m looking forward to the release of RETURN TO AUDUBON SPRINGS. Best of luck with this next stage.

  3. barbhan says:

    I can’t wait to read this book! Good luck!!

  4. Nia Simone says:

    What a brilliant blog series. I love how you related your path to The Hero’s Journey. I’m really excited about Return to Audubon Springs, too, and can’t wait to read it!!!

  5. robena grant says:

    Great post. Congrats! on the soon to be release. Looking forward to reading Return to Audubon Springs.

  6. JoAnn Chiavetta says:

    Kudos to you. You are my heroine!

  7. I can’t believe your release is here. WOW!!! I’m looking forward to reading Return to Audubon Springs. You’ve worked hard and are prepared, no matter how unprepared you may be feeling.

  8. Woo-hoo! You did all the hard work, and now you get the rewards! And well, more hard work lol But it’s so worth it 🙂

  9. RoseAnn DeFranco says:

    I’m having trouble commenting so I’m going to try to get them all in one shot…

    Hi Diana, I wish I could lay claim to the plan. This is something my publisher The Wild Rose Press set up. I’m excited!

    Emma Kaye, You’re next! Thank you for the show of support. I’ll be there for you too! I have so much to share with you!

    Thanks for all your support, Barb and Robena!

    Nia, Thank you! The project was a labor of love. I feel such a kinship to The Hero’s Journey. I’m glad that particular journey is over. On to the next! Thank you for your support over the upcoming release!

    Mom, How can I be your heroine when you are mine? Make sure you check out the dedication page!

    Maria, It seems to have taken FOREVER and yet once the process got started, time flew! Thank you so much for your support and friendship. I have so much to share with you, my fellow Rose!

    Gretchen, I’m GOOD with more work. Bring it ON! 🙂

  10. Linda Kelley says:

    Best of luck on your release, RoseAnn. It sounds great. I totally get the fear. My first novel from Wild Rose Press, The Naughty List, was released late August and my stomach has been in knots about marketing ever since. Have I done enough? The right kind? What will work? What won’t? I realized I’ve stressed so much I haven’t taken the time to enjoy my accomplishment. Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back

    • RoseAnn DeFranco says:

      Linda thanks for your comment and stopping by. You are so right in that we NEED to take the time to enjoy all the hard work. Congratulations on your release as well. I’m wondering if August was your Pre Release or your official release? I will look for your book. It sounds…well, NAUGHTY! 🙂

  11. Hi, RoseAnn: I saw your “coming out of semi-lurkdom” message in my TWRP email loop and came by to read your blog. What a wonderful job you’ve done of examining and explaining all the ups, downs and sideways involved in the journey of an author. Even after going through that journey for almost two years (one book for TWRP and one for another publisher), I am still struggling to find the right way to handle it, so I have to commend you for thinking things through so thoroughly before the big day actually arrived. Now that it’s here for you, I’ll be happily tweeting about your release and your free KDP days, and of course I wish you great good luck on your debut book. Oh, and I love that your mom came here to let you know how much she loves and supports you. That really made me smile.

    • RoseAnn DeFranco says:

      Hi Darcy, Thank you for stopping by for your kind words. When I first started blogging about the “Journey” I hoped it would end in publication, but it seemed so far off. I went with the old adage of writing what you know. The Hero’s Journey always resonated with me. I agree with you that my mom is ADORABLE. Look for a blog post in the next week or so dedicated to my mother and the most amazing gift that arrived on my doorstop yesterday. Thank you for your support and I will look for your titles as well. I love being a “Rose” and all the support that comes with it!

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