The Right Chord: Cover Reveal Puzzle Piece #3 & Trivia Contest. Enter to Win!

Tomorrow is the big COVER REVEAL, and today is the final piece of The Right Chord puzzle.

The ocean plays an important role in the Brothers of Audubon Springs series. Recently I’ve discovered that water in general plays an important part in all my writing. Water holds many cleansing properties. I have always found the crash of the ocean waves meeting the shore particularly soothing myself. Kit has had a rough time in life, both in her early life in Audubon Springs, and in her life once she left town. Regardless, the healing properties of the water, and this particular stretch of beach, might be just what she needs.

Kit Reaching_The Right Chord

Trivia Question Answered and EXCERPT ALERT! 

Today is our third and final day of the Trivia Contest.  THANK YOU to all who have taken the time to submit your responses. I particularly like those who submitted full detailed explanations for your selection, and of course, mentions of your love for the series. Thanks again. I’m pretty partial to these brothers myself!

This excerpt/answer comes with an apology. I didn’t realize that in putting a) Anderria Falls: The Key of Hope, by E.E. Grant I was, in a sense, creating a trick question.  Okay…well, maybe I did A LITTLE. As a result, I’m going mark those who submitted this response as a correct response. You were savvy enough readers to remember that Emma wrote the Anderria Falls stories, so by default, they are import in all her relationships.

The response I was looking for was b) The Kissing Hand,  by Audrey Penn. But, like I said, credit will be given for both responses.  Here is a look back at this moment from Return to Audubon Springs.

 “You have fun at the beach and listen to your Daddy.” She kissed Elana on the lips, then the palm of her hand.

“Why do you do that? Kiss her hand like that?”

“It’s from a book called The Kissing Hand. The Mama Raccoon kisses her son’s hand before he leaves for his first day of school. It’s a magic kiss that stays with him all day. Any time he presses his hand to his cheek, he can feel her kiss. So she’s with him always, even when they’re apart.”

Elana smiled and put her hand on her cheek. “Mommy loves me,” she said. Then she reached out for Emma’s hand and kissed her palm.

Emma touched her palm to her face. “Elana loves me,” she said.

So struck by the beauty of their actions he didn’t realize Emma had lifted his free hand until she placed a tender kiss in the center of his palm. He stilled. She lifted her head and held his gaze until heat burned deep and tangible. He reined in every male instinct he possessed to attack, devour and claim her right here on the beach.

“I’ll see you two later.”

Unable to move, Rafe followed her progress up the beach. She turned back and held her gaze on his while pulling her cover up over her head then turned to leave. Elana tugged on his palm and placed it on his cheek.

“Mommy loves you, Daddy.”

I love this moment. It is taken right out of a page of my own history with my daughter. When she was Elana’s age, I used to kiss her palm and she would kiss mine when we would part.  It is a piece of motherhood I’ll never forget.

Trivia Question #3

In Secondhand Romance what book does Annie bet Tony he won’t read?

a) Fifty Shades of Grey

b) East of Eden

c) Emma

Bonus and/or Tiebreaker question. What book does Annie’s Book Club discuss at their meeting?

Enter your responses in the form below.  This will keep things confidential and give everyone a chance to enter the contest. 

Tomorrow is the BIG COVER REVEAL!!!! The cover will be blasted across several sites including mine. And make sure to check back on Friday for the answer/excerpt to the final question(s) when I announce the winner of the signed copy of The Right Chord. Every answer counts!

Have a great day!



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